IIT - Advanced Business Analytics & Optimization

Continuing Education Programme (CEP)
The Objectives of CEP:
To assist working professionals in the industry in widening their knowledge base and in improving their skills.
To assist the industry to be globally competitive and be at the cutting edge of technology by providing training and expertise in critical areas.
To promote strong industry-institute interaction.

Program Background
Decision making process in modern business environment has transformed. Its now based upon Business Analytics. This program focuses on building a strong foundation in Business Analytics for entry-level to mid-level professionals.

Target Audience
This program is for executives with an acumen and interest in Analytics. Participants with experience in this area will be preferred.

Schedule & Duration
One class per week for 3:00 hours.

14 weeks

Course Content
This program is designed to build Advanced Skills in Business Analytics and Optimization. It will follow a step-by-step approach where theoretical concepts will be followed by case studies and practical implementations. Sessions are designed to be interactive and participative.

Program: Advanced Business Analytics & Optimization

1. Artificial Neural Networks
Architecture - Introduction to neural networks & their history, biological neurons and neural networks
Artificial neurons, networks of artificial neurons
Data Processing - Ordinal models, Multinomial models & Nested models
Back Propagation

2. Advances in Time-Series
Non stationary Time Series
Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average Process
Random Walk
Unit Root, Testing For Unit Root
Error Correction Model
Models of Volatility
Volatility Clustering
Leverage Effect
ARCH Model
ARMA Models
Modeling & Forecasting with ARMA Models
GARCH Model & Its Various Extension
Multivariate GARCH Modeling

3. Advances in Applied Econometrics
Models with lagged dependent variable, Estimation, Simultaneous equation panel data models,
Generalised method of moment estimation
Discrete Choice Models
Introduction to binary variables, Probit and Logit Models, Censored versus truncation
Models with More than Two Choices
Ordinal models, Multinomial models, and Nested models
Count Data Models and Financial Data
Poisson distribution, Binomial and negative binomial distribution
Markov Models

4. Advanced Techniques
Introduction - Bootstrap, Estimation of standard error, Parametric bootstraps, Number of bootstrap replications
Application - Application of bootstrap, bootstrap pairs, bootstrap residuals, examples, confidence intervals based on bootstrap
Discriminant Methods

5. Advanced topics in optimization & decision making
Multi-criteria decision making using AHP & Goal Programming
Waiting line model

The indicative modules can be enhanced/replaced at the sole discretion of Program Director.

Participants are expected to develop their own project in Business Analytics.

Conduct of Classes
The classes will be conducted from IIT. Select faculty members will conduct the classes. Each topic will be taught with the help of case studies, live corporate examples and general discussions. In order to provide greater industry insights, business leaders from the different industries, subject to availability, may be invited to share their experiences.

Evaluation Methodology
Assignments, Online Quiz & Project Evaluation

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